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Resolution Update #2

My first resolution for 2016 was to get organized . That process is still ongoing, and I'm sure this whole project will take several months. But here is everything that I have accomplished so far: Went through my closet and shoes to find items to donate. Threw out old, expired items from my kitchen cabinets and shelves. Took my old, broken, ginormous TV to the recycler. Rearranged my writing room so the desk faces a wall and mounted a cork board to the wall. Went through old paperwork and organized my files. Looked into buying shelving for more space to display cool stuff and to store items. Desk 2.0. Still a bit messy, but better than before. And yes, I blurred out story details on the story board! Gotta keep everything a surprise, dear readers. I still have a lot more to do. I need to buy some hooks so I can hang purses in my closet and utilize the space fully. And go through my purses to donate any that I don't use. Also, once I have the shelving I want/ne

The Need for Self-Love (Practicing Self-Care)

February is the unofficial month of love, all thanks to that pesky Valentine's Day . I don't usually do much to celebrate the "holiday" because it never seemed like a big deal to me. (Well, except for the years I was single. Then it seemed like a big deal!) In fact, my boyfriend and I might not even see each other this Valentine's Day. "Love" that will go straight to my thighs. So while I may not prescribe to the ooey-gooey, lovey-dovey brand of affection that chocolatiers and greeting card companies try to sell, there is one type of love that I am a big proponent of: Self-love. Just in case this all sounds selfish or conceited, let me assure you that it definitely is not. Loving yourself is one of the most important things you can do for yourself! Loving yourself means knowing your boundaries and having realistic expectations of yourself. In my own life, it means knowing when I'm feeling too stressed . It's knowing when t