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Shots on Net Cover

I could blame my absence on a plethora of things: writer's block, sheer laziness, illness, a full schedule, stress and staff changes at work, a string of bad luck in the dating department.... But no matter what, I don't have any real excuses for not blogging/updating. And I absolutely have no excuse for not having my new book finished yet. I was hoping to have this one finished well before the start of the 2013-14 NHL season, but I'm on the third re-write and only approximately halfway through. I do have some good news, though: I can finally present to you the cover art for Shots on Net ! My graphic designer sent this over on Saturday, and it's definitely helping to motivate me to get the re-write done. For me, the cover represents the final step in the process, so I'm itching to wrap this up. I know better than to make promises, so my goal is to have the book published sometime in October, since the plot starts at the beginning of the hockey season.