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A Great Review for Shots on Net!

I recently got a great five-star review on Amazon, written by Anne-Marie Cherry: I guess that Shots on Net is a sports romance about hockey, but it's so much more than that. This is a realistic story that deals with the struggles that a lot of millennials face: figuring out your goals, priorities, and most of all your career. Layered on top of that is all the awkwardness of dating and having to define the relationship for everyone in your life, and exploring attraction, desire, and love. If you're on the dating scene now, there is a lot to identify with in the story of Shannon and Kevin. And I really liked the fact that Shannon loves romance books.  Sure, I write about hockey, and hockey is a major part of the storyline. But I like to think that I write about people and life. It's nice to see that someone else thinks so, too.