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What's Up Next...

So 2014 has been pretty crazy so far. Game On was released in February, and "A Valuable Trade," my novella in Seduced by the Game , was released earlier this month. Now I get to relax, right? No! I'm working on Book #4 right now. It's titled The Back Up --which, as you can probably tell, will focus on back-up goaltender of a pro team. I included a sneak peek of the cover at the end of Game On. The entire story of The Back Up will be told from goalie Lincoln Reynolds's point of view. I'm excited to narrate the story from a guy's perspective. But that means this story is going to be different from the ones I've written before. Obviously, I'm an expert when it comes to women since I am, you know, a woman. But what about men? Are they really different from women? Well, here's what I've figured out so far: we all have the same feelings and thoughts, but our processes are different. I've been talking to a goalie in a rec league to r

Last Chance!

Just one last reminder to everyone that today is the last day to enter the giveaway for Seduced by the Game . The giveaway ends at 12:00 midnight PDT. What are you waiting for?!


Today's the big media blitz day for the charity cancer anthology Seduced by the Game . To help with the promotion, there's a ginormous giveaway going on. Check it out and enter ! The prizes are so good, I'm half tempted to enter! Additionally, the eBook is now available through iTunes and Kobo . Of course, there's all that swag ! We nine authors are so happy to be doing our part to support the fight against cancer. We have each been affected by a cancer diagnosis. I've mentioned before that my paternal grandfather died from lung cancer. My maternal grandfather is battling bladder cancer—a fight that I am so happy to say that he is winning. This is why I'm so grateful to be a part of this anthology, to know that I am helping to raise funds for charity that supports a cause so important to me. I must stress that 100% of all royalties are being donated. Please, help us support Hockey Fights Cancer™!

Seduced by the Game: Live!

The cancer charity anthology, Seduced by the Game , is now live via several eBook retailers: Amazon All Romance eBooks Barnes & Noble Smashwords Or get the print version of the book. I will, of course, give updates when the anthology is available through additional retailers. Also, check out the Seduced by the Game website for tons of other swag, such as t-shirts, buttons, mugs, bags, and more . Help us raise money and support the fight against cancer! I'm so proud to have been included in this anthology. I'm in such good company with eight other authors, and we're working together for one hell of a cause. All authors are proud supporters of Hockey Fights Cancer™ .

Excerpt from "A Valuable Trade" in Seduced by the Game

Earlier this month, I gave my readers a sneak peek into my story, "A Valuable Trade" for the cancer charity anthology, Seduced by the Game . Since the anthology will be released on April 10th, I'm going to give you another, second excerpt of my story. Enjoy! I may not be a hockey player, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know how hard trades are. When I said goodbye to winger Tim Fletcher, it was like I was losing a brother. I may not be a player on the Comets, but the players have always made me feel like I was a part of the team. Like I was one of them. I care about them, and I try to make sure they’re all taken care of. Sure, it’s a part of my job, but Lord knows I don’t just do it because I’m paid to do it; I do it because I want to. I’m like a mother hen keeping her chicks in check. I’m polite and kind, but I can get feisty and sassy if I need to in order to get things done. So when I meet our newest star at the airport, Bryan Comstock, I can