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The Forgotten Holiday

I love  Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday! I have so many memories of cooking in the kitchen with my mom, helping however I could—considering I refused (and still do!) to stick my hand in that turkey to stuff it. I'm always disappointed when the stores start playing Christmas music on November 1. I know people are excited for Christmas, but it's like we're all overlooking the wonderful, forgotten holiday of Thanksgiving. I'm going to get a little political in this section (so you can skip it, if you want). Thanksgiving represents a time when people come together, despite their differences; they help each other and celebrate what their cooperation has reaped for them. Of course, I am thinking of the "first Thanksgiving," in which the Native Americans helped the settlers at Plymouth, which lead to a bountiful harvest. Together, the settlers and Native Americans feasted. It is so pertinent to be reminded of this during the current turbulen

Home Ice Advantage: Series Cover Reveal

A year has passed since Home Ice Advantage was released as a part of the Seduced by the Game charity collection. It will take a couple of months to get the final totals for donation, and I'll report that number as soon as I have it. So now it is time for me to introduce the series cover for the book, as designed by the amazing Deranged Doctor Design: Gorgeous, isn't it? I've been in the process of getting everything updated—from the vendor sites to my website to this very blog—so the new version should be available soon. And if you've already purchased the Seduced by the G ame version, you should be able to update the book on your eReader. Here are the links (Not all  of the sites have updated yet, but hopefully will be by the end of the day): Amazon Kobo Barnes & Noble iTunes Inkterra Scribd 24symbols Smashwords Happy reading! Jay