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(Finally) An Answer

I got a call from gastroenterologist's office yesterday with news about my latest test, a HIDA scan with CCK : my gallbladder is functioning at 18% . They have recommended removal and are in the process of referring me to a general surgeon. Finally , an answer as to the culprit of my ailments! The offending organ! I'm very relieved to have been told there is a cause for my ongoing symptoms. I'm excited to think that maybe  this treatment will cure some (if not all, fingers crossed!) of my digestive problems. But even more than that, I'm relieved to not have to focus so hard on finding an answer. So much of my mental energy was wrapped up scheduling tests, having tests performed, waiting for test results, and then repeating that cycle over and over and over again. I did so much online research and reading about tests and procedures and drugs for every possible outcome and learning as much as I could. Months of this, and years of enduring symptoms, was exhaus