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2014: Half Over

How is it possible that this year—this wonderful, unbelievable year of gifts and firsts—is halfway through?! I can't believe it. I'll save all the reminiscing for New Year's Eve; instead, I'm reflecting on the stuff that I didn't get gone. Ugh, that doesn't sound very positive, but it's not that bad, I swear. I'm behind schedule on writing The Back Up . I'm currently rewriting the beginning... for the third time. Sigh. I wish that I could be the kind of writer who plows through a first draft and goes through a couple rounds of editing and rewrites. But I just can't . It's definitely a flaw I tried to work on. Instead, I agonize over the words as I write them, deleting and rearranging and rewriting as I go. That's why I'm stuck back at the beginning. On top of that, June has been a very busy month, loaded with distractions and diversions. Oh yeah, have I mentioned Pinterest? Oh, the pictures! I'm late to the game, but feel fr

Game On Now Available in Paperback

I'm very excited to announce that my latest release, Game On , is now available in a paperback edition from Amazon! I'm so happy, so proud, so amazed to see my name in print for my very own book. As I've said before, this has always been a dream of mine, and it's coming true! My goal is also to release Play the Man and Shots on Net in paperback this summer. As always, I will bombard my blog, Twitter, and Facebook with updates on those statuses. Meanwhile I'm also working on my next novel, The Back Up . I'm having a lot of fun creating Lincoln Reynolds's world and plotting out what's going to happen to him. Once I get the first draft finished, I'll do a cover reveal to celebrate (that is, if you haven't already seen the sneak peek at the end of Game On ...).

Author Interview

I was reviewed—and now I'm interviewed! Ms. Ting interviewed me as during her stint as the Substitute Reviewer on the All the Things Inbetween blog here . She says I'm funny!

Play the Man Review!

The lovely and hilarious Melanie Ting has been reviewing books for the blog All the Things Inbetween . Her review of On the Surface and interview with author Kate Willoughby went live last week. I don't know how she has time to read books, let alone review them! On top of writing her own novels. Phew. I'm exhausted just typing that. And this week, Mel's reviewing my book Play the Man ! Read her glowing review here . Haven't read Play the Man yet? Check out the links in the sidebar to the right for buy links. That's enough shameless promotion for now. Stayed tuned for my interview with Mel!

Seduced by the Game Update

Last week, I got an update on the anthology sales for Seduced by the Game . Of course, 100% of profits are being donated to charity. This means that, since the anthology went live just two months ago, we've raised a total (between print books, eBooks, and swag) of almost $10,000 for the charity against cancer! This is all thanks to you, the readers. That is an amazing donation to make to such a worthy cause. Toni Aleo, one of the fabulous authors included in the anthology, will be presenting the check to the Predators Foundation, the recipient of our first donation. This is such a big deal, and I know Toni is thrilled to be the representative from the anthology to meet with the Predators' organization. The size of the donation ( almost $10,000, that's amazing! ) and the participation of an NHL team are all outstanding news. Great things are happening! And this is all thanks to everyone who has bought a copy of the book or any of the associated items. Seriously, I owe