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Thank You/Contest

Yesterday's free promotion of Play the Man was a resounding success, and I have all of you to thank for that! Two hundred copies were downloaded, and at the end of the day, Play the Man was ranked #53 in the Women's Fiction genre of Amazon's free Kindle books, and also hit #81 in the Contemporary Fiction genre! I couldn't be happier, and last night I was overcome with gratitude. I've always, always said that I have the best readers on Blogger, and you all came through for me in a big way. Of course, now that you have a copy of Play the Man , I have to jump back into promotional mode and ask you to please review it on Amazon. Every writer loves feedback, and I have read every comment everyone's ever left for me and appreciated it—whether it was something short and sweet like "I really enjoyed this chapter, please update soon!" or the longer, epic comments left by some of my more ardent followers. But Amazon is different than Blogger, and reviews an


Free is my favorite everything. It's my favorite flavor when I get free samples. It's my favorite color when I get free shirts. It's my favorite drink at the bar. Need I say more? So what's better than free reading? Nothing! Have you downloaded your free copy of Play the Man yet? It's free all day, but why wait? Come check it out, and if you like it, please leave me a good review! And let me know what you think about Shots on Net . Are you excited for it?

Up and Running!

Play the Man is officially for sale! Remember, tomorrow is the free promotional day, so please check in tomorrow and get your free copy for your Kindle! Even if you don't have an e-reader, you can download the apps on your phone, tablet, or computer. A little warning to my east coast readers: the promotion runs on Pacific Time, so don't wait until late evening, or you'll miss your chance to get Play the Man for free!

Remember Me?

*Knock, knock* Anybody out there? Or, better yet, anybody remember me? It's Jay! I haven't completely disappeared, or fallen off the face of the earth. I took a break from posting stories here on Blogger in order to try my hand at writing novels. So many of you, my lovely devoted readers, have left me comments saying that my writing's just as good--sometimes better!--than the books you've read. I especially received a lot of encouragement from fellow Blogger Melanie Ting , who has successfully e-published her first story! So I'm trying my hand at writing full-length novels, and I have lots of new material that I'm e-publishing through Amazon through 2013. First up, I'm publishing Play the Man , a reworked version of A Sharp Contrast. I changed the characters and updated the story, and I'm really happy with the finished product. Here's a peek at the cover:    I love it! What do you think? The story will go live on Amazon later tonight (