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In the Beginning...

I've been thinking about beginnings a lot lately. I've been writing and rewriting the first few chapters of my new story more times than I care to admit. It's tough because I want to show you just enough about my main character, Lincoln Reynolds, without giving away too much. I want to pique my readers' curiosities and interests, draw them in, and leave them wanting to read more! That's not an easy balance to strike. A beginning is so important. It's the introduction to the characters and the starting point of the book's structure. It sets up the plot. Did you know that you can read the first chapter of each of my three novels? Check them out by following the links: Game On Shots on Net Play the Man So, I'm interested to know: what do you look for in the beginning of a new book? What gets you hooked? Or is there anything you hate about a beginning? Leave a comment below and tell me!