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Going Out With a Bang!

Happy December, lovely readers! I can't believe it's the last month of the year already. Where has the time gone? The year's not over yet, but I'm starting my celebration early. Why? 'Cause 2015 has been such a success! I don't have any final, definite numbers, but Home Ice Advantage , my book released as part of the Seduced by the Game collection, has already raised well over $500 for cancer research and patient care. And that donation amount will only continue to swell through the next 11 months as readers continue to  one-click ! But 2015 isn't over yet, not even close! And I'm determined to keep writing through the holiday season. I'm hoping to have the next Dallas Comets book out in early 2016. It's entitled BREAKOUT PLAY. Let me whet your appetite and share the blurb with you: He’s mastered the breakout play on the ice. She’s still trying to break out of her shell.  When Adam first lays eyes on Ally in the dark, country-themed