Friday, May 13, 2016

Finding the Words...

I struggle with writer's block quite a bit; that's nothing new.

But it's not very often that I want to say something but have trouble finding the words.

That's how I'm feeling right now, for the sake of my new kitties. Particularly Flynn.

They love watching birdies.

When I adopted my cats from the shelter, the individual who was in charge went over their medical histories with me. I was told that Flynn had originally been adopted out but returned by his owner after one year due to aggressiveness. I could hardly believe my Flynn could be called aggressive at all! He's been nothing short of a sweet companion. The only issues I've had with him... well, I'll get to that part.

I was not told that Flynn was originally rescued from a hoarding situation. I only found out this information once I took Flynn to the shelter's clinic, when the vet recognized him.

Apparently, when cats (or any animal) are raised in a hoarding situation, the neglect they face can cause impaired immune systems as well as stunt, or prevent, proper development. Because of this, these cats are susceptible to diseases, infections, and chronic issues for the remainder of their lives.

Even though they've been rescued from their horrible living conditions, they will be always be affected by their past.

So Flynn is a special needs cat. No biggie; I'll make sure he gets the care he needs.

What bothers me is that the individual who took care of the adoption paperwork and went over his medical history didn't tell me this. All I was told was that he had mild gingivitis and would need his teeth cleaned in the near future. His condition is much more severe than this. How am I supposed to give a cat special care if I don't know he needs it? This makes me furious.

Perhaps the individual didn't know his long-term history. But I can't believe there wasn't a note in his file or something in his history to indicate he would have ongoing issues.

This is on top of the fact that Anna had worms when she was adopted out, which means the shelter didn't properly treat her.

She likes to "hold" paws.

The shelter was absolutely careless in their cases, at a detriment to the cats. The shelter is supposed to be on the cat's side, not their own.

If they won't act as his advocate, then I will. I will take action, although I haven't decided what I'll do, whether I will stop by the office in person to talk to someone or write a letter to the organization.

You don't wanna mess with this white girl!

In Flynn's case, we've established two conditions that we have to treat:
1. Ear Infections. He will always be at risk for ear infections, due to improperly formed ear canals (probably due to long-term ear mite infestation in the hoarder house of horror).
2. Stomatitis. This is an inflammation of the mouth, which makes eating, drinking, and grooming painful and difficult. The cause of Flynn's stomatitis? A severe autoimmune reaction to plaque. The vet informed me that this is also common in hoarder cats. It's almost like the cat's mouth is rejecting its own teeth. In the most severe cases, the cat needs a complete extraction of all its teeth. This is absolutely a last-ditch method of pain management for such kitties.
When Flynn visited the clinic two weeks ago, the vet gave him some steroids and antibiotics to help with the stomatitis. In a little over a week, he'll go in for a teeth cleaning to remove all the offending plaque. Afterwards, I will have to try to "brush" his teeth. And then we wait and see how he feels after that to determine a further course of action to manage any pain.

Such a sweet boy. He deserves a happy future.

Everyone wants to adopt the cute kittens, which leaves the older cats, and those with special needs, stuck at shelters. Flynn is so sweet and Anna is cuddly, and they really liven up my life. Even though we've had some hurdles early on in our time together, I can hardly imagine my apartment without them.

My goal is to improve shelter life for all the kitties who are still awaiting their forever homes.

If you are considering adopting, I urge you to consider adopting a rescue from a shelter. They truly need the care that only a loving home can provide. I can suggest names too! Mario LeMeow, Sidney Clawsby, Evgeni Meowkin... :)

I'd be remiss if I didn't end this post with a rousing LET'S GO PENS!

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  1. Once I worked at a shelter and they complained that they didn't have enough names for new cats. So, a friend and I did a whole list of zany names like Chairman Meow. And the shelter took one look at our list and went back to Mittens and Blackie.
    Your kitties are lucky to have you as their new owner!