Tuesday, March 27, 2018

My Kind of March Madness

This month has been insane! I can't even believe we've got only a week or so left in March.

We started off with a bang at the Angels & Sirens event. I got to hang out with some amazing hockey romance authors! Sometimes writing can feel very solitary, so it's always a great experience to hang out with other writers. And these ladies are AWESOME! It's been a long time since I'd laughed so hard.

From L to R: Melody Heck Gatto, RJ Scott, Lisa B. Kamps, Katie Kenyhercz, me, V.L. Locey, and Stephanie Julian.

Sitting at my humble table, awaiting the readers!

The next weekend was St. Paddy's Day—and my cousin's wedding day! I had a great time with family, and helping my beautiful cousin get ready for her big day.
I hosted an out-of-town cousin for the weekend, and we had such a blast catching up and growing closer.

Of course, not everything in March was all gold and rainbows. Flynn had another flare-up of his stomatitis, meaning an emergency vet visit and making an appointment for the second round of extractions. Not only were his gums inflamed around his remaining teeth, but his toothless gums were red too. This probably means that he'll have mouth issues for the rest of his life, and we'll have to find ways to manage a lifetime of pain.

Now that he only has two teeth left (his bottom canines), he's acting much happier. He's even trying to eat kibble again already! He's my sweetheart, and I hope that he continues to improve as the days go by.
I'm not having much luck getting pics of his toothlessness.

All the while, my day job is crazy busy right now. It makes writing a little more difficult, but I still have tons of ideas brewing! Be sure to stay tuned for updates, which I'll announce as I have them.

With any spare time I have, I'm burying my nose into my laptop. The writing is slow going, but I am determined to get the best possible story out to you as soon as possible! Stick with me, guys; I'm gonna make sure it's worth the wait!

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