Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Play the Man Cover Redesign Reveal! (Finally!)

I'm so happy to finally present to you, my lovely readers, the redesigned cover for Play the Man. Without further ado:

Newsletter subscribers already got a sneak peak in the Spring 2015 issue!

And with the cover redesign comes... print covers!

Worth the wait? I think so!

All of the vendors I sell through (see bar to the right -->) are in the process of updating the covers, as well as my website and this very blog.

As soon as the print books are available for purchase, I'll tweet that info out!

I'm sooo stoked to have all three of my original publications updated and available in so many formats. There's nothing a writer loves more than to share her work!

And, in the meanwhile, I have even more up my sleeve. "A Valuable Trade" will soon be available as an eBook! I'll save that cover reveal for a later blog post.

Thanks for hanging in there, folks. I promise, I've got more coming your way soon!


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    1. Thanks, Mel! If I didn't have writing to get done, I'd sit back and relax a little bit!