Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thank You!

I just wanted to take the time to say a big, huge, GINORMOUS thanks to you, my readers.

I first published Play the Man in March 2013, so it's been a year since I started this crazy journey. In the span of a year, I published three titles. A lot of it was pre-written material that was edited many times over with a couple of changes here and there, a new ending for an old story, and covers slapped on front.

Writing had been a hobby and a habit for years. I always had a hard time seeing a project through to the end, so I started posting a story online in a public forum, figuring that if I thought someone was reading it, then I would be motivated to see it to completion.

And man oh man, did you guys ever come through for me. I got a ton of readers, many of whom left me great comments, and pushed me to write and post—from start to finish—a bunch of stories.

Some of you encouraged me to take it to the next level. Eventually, I said, "Why the hell not?" and gave it a go. I figured that I would try, give it about a year, and then I would check in and see if it was worth my while.

And man oh man, was it ever worthwhile.

The transition from writing serials to novels is big, but novel-writing has always been my dream. Right now, I am living my dream. I'm getting paid to write, by people who want to read my writing. Just writing this makes me well up with emotion and gratitude. I can't thank you all enough for helping me achieve my dream.

Some day, hopefully, I can quit my job and write full-time; that's my ultimate goal. But for now, I'm happy to write in my spare time and share it with you.

Hearts and hugs and kisses,


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