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The Great Disappearing Jay!

Oh man, how is it almost July?! Where has the time gone?

Life has been absolutely crazy for me lately. I just moved into my very own apartment (no roommates!), and I'm exhausted. I thought the solitude would help the creative juices flow, but instead I'm busy building bookcases and waiting for my couch that's STILL on back order. The past few weeks have been an adjustment period for me--and my cats--but I think things are finally starting to fall into place and I'm getting back into a routine that will allow for some writing and editing.

I feel absolutely awful that I'm now TWO MONTHS behind schedule on publishing Shots on Net, though. In fact, I haven't touched base with my graphic designer since... well, I don't even know how long! (In my defense, I just got my internet access back three days ago.)

Of course, I can only make so many excuses for myself. I've also been a regular social butterfly this month. Pittsburgh has finally gotten some good bands to tour here, and I've gone to so many shows (Of Monsters and Men! Passion Pit! The Joy Formidable! Metric! And tonight... Jimmy Eat World!). I should be managing my time better. I'm going to make that my goal for July, to buckle down and refocus my energy on the stories I can't wait to share with you!

And I'd like to share one last thought with you before I sign off and hopefully go dig out my pages: After publishing Play the Man in March, which takes place in Chicago and features the characters playing on the Blackhawks, the real-life Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. For my faithful followers who know that Play the Man is a re-write of A Sharp Contrast, you may remember that the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup the season I wrote that story! Coincidence?

Thanks again for hanging in there. Not only do I hope to have some definite news regarding the release of Shots on Net, but I hope to blog a little more regularly and not fall off the face of the Earth again!


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